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fen-om distributes a free e-mail list. If you wish to receive these 'issues', ask for them at theory@fen-om.com. You may also visit this page, every so often, in order to review all of the latest.

The texts are divided into several categories (all e-mails will refer to these in their titles (subject lines): 'actual', 'architecture', 'design', 'nik', 'sandro', 'tech', 'theory', 'tips', or 'web'):
Actual: News regarding the sometimes-strange ways in which contemporary culture continues to evolve and express itself.
Architecture: Articles and opinions regarding popular and large-scale architecture (de Portzamparc's LVMH Tower, Gehry's twisted forms, etc.); In tandem, we will also distribute essays regarding architectural education, tendencies, and contest/ exhibition announcements.
Design: Design tendencies in graphic and industrial design, as well as historical foundations of these fields.
Events: Listing of ongoing architecture/design events in Southern California. These are not available directly in this list, but may be linked directly at the
fen-omenal event calendar, or the
la-la event calendar, or the
digital event calendar

Nik: The Nik Distributions, delivered to us by Eduardo López Salas, every so often, from Madrid; charming tales which manages to touch the heart with a few words;... in short, 'everything'.
Sandro: Regarding the lifestyle of he-who-delivers-all-this. [resumé available here]
Tech: Articles regarding the latest advances in technological items, as well as the manner in which they influence everyday life (we also focus on technological tendencies and possible 'futures').
Theory: Summaries, transcriptions of texts (typically, texts in several chapters) dealing with contemporary theories of design.
Tips: Tricks, freeware, and recommendations for Internet users.
Web: Articles on web-page and web-'space' design. International regulations continue to be established, even as you read this.
ZMG: ('Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara'; Guadalajara's Metropolitan District) everything regarding Sandro Alberti's doctoral thesis ('Towards a Virtual Representation of Guadalajara'), at this external link to the ZMG-axis.

Other articles on architecture may be found at the WA/SA-Aloha8 database. WA/SA-Aloha8 is a fen-om-generated fiction that serves to inform you about architectural elements 'close' to Sandro Alberti's professional practice in Los Angeles, CA [written reviews, city-hall regulations, required knowledge for architectural certification, interesting architectural elements, etc.]. Within the entire compendium, the reviews of LA-architecture events may be found here.