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wallpaper design 3

The latest hospitality wallpaper design... for 2007!

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Halloween greetings

Happy Jalogüin from Sandro and Sasha... for you!

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wallpaper design 2006

Wallpaper design has become an annual tradition... here is 2006

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tools for Web design

At fen-om, we've discovered WebAssist, and its great tools for all our Web design. WebAssist creates the tools for e-commerce, Web design, enhanced functionality, and even training. Stop just dreaming of a cool Web site and... move on up!

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wallpaper design

Sandro wins Grand Prize in international design competition for hospitality wallpaper. See the design... here and now!

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Several design projects undertaken through fen-om:
[Sandro Alberti]
Architecture design competition [Chan-Chan 'archaeological' lodge]
Alberti residence- various design projects
Digital-design work published in 'Fachadas' and 'Aqua' books
Modular furniture
Publicity- Millennium Tower [Guadalajara-Mexico]
Illuminated 'icon'
Chanel social tool

.... and many others!

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educational slideshows

Various Flash-driven slideshows present topics ranging from portfolio work (+ reasoning) to texts of design theory ... here!

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s2005- Mexico

Since our Organizer, Sandro, also represents Mexico on the International Committee at SIGGRAPH, we have decided to put together a site that captures the essence of the annual conference ('at a glance'), and in Spanish... here!

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i +++ fotos [and +++ fotos]

Developed for the interior design of a new hot lounge in Guadalajara (by the owners of the 'Latin I' lounge), Sandro and Laura star in a photo shoot of unusual realities and personalities, fragant-i, i-afrikan, trop-i-cal, ... more!

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Mermaids are not for eating. Mermaids are for desiring. Or, better yet, they are the origin of dreams, a beauty more perfect than the worst nightmare, an oceanic ambition… To cook the fish part of a mermaid while her woman aspect sings, seems like a pleasure worthy of some mental illness I would like to suffer. To go from the refined nourishment of mother’s milk… to the scale-less pulp of the mermaid that is woman and fish, that is to traverse the variants of a path (the pleasure of the mouth) that begins with the oral aspects of newborn babies and ends with the solace of nourishment at the end of our lives… Mermaids are a combination of nourishment and sweetness, of meat and female, of temptation and pen-severance (enduring ‘pensieri’ thoughts). Mermaids are what nourishes mankind... xscuro!

A place to find a hidden 'e' [Erin Sharp]. Super-collaborator at fen-om, mermaid, avatar, architect, designer, painter, investigator.

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Community Domain

fen-om begins development of an on-line community, at fen-om 'dom', where you will also find resumés of various designers... it is here!

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Accessory Dwelling Units

An international architecture-design competition leads to Web design by fen-om. Look at the design entries and range of San Diego information; maybe even compete... look at that!

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Sandro favors varied design

Apart from architectural design, Sandro Alberti [fen-om Organizer] also teaches interactive design, graphic design, and interior design...
Interface Design [interactive media]
Portfolio [interactive media]

Design Practice [graphic design]
Design Research [graphic design]
Design Thesis [graphic design]
Exhibition Design [graphic design]
Independent Project- Design 11 [graphic design]
Journalism Design [graphic design]
Message Making [graphic design]
Portfolio [graphic design]

Form and Space [interior design]
Residential Design [interior design]

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WASA/ Aloha8 architecture texts

Essays, reviews, daily thoughts, ponderings on the current LA architecture scene... here

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Sandro, fen-om's organizer, has been visiting SIGGRAPH for the past several years. What could be better than sharing all he has seen and read and learned there, at one of the main digital-design conferences in the world... yes!

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Deborah Waldrip; Architect

A delight, it has been, to design this Web site for a fabulous architect in Los Angeles. She is fab, chic, fantastic... and she does architecture too!... wow!

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Sandro Alberti develops a virtual reality to represent Guadalajara, Mexico in the beginning of the 'New Millennium'. The site includes research on how to develop your own virtual reality... wow!

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Friends of San Diego Architecture

A non-profit group dedicated to bringing lay people and architecture professionals. Must see to believe (fortunately, the site includes plenty of slides and info from the monthly meetings)... in!

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Pre-Conference2: Teaching English as a Second Language

Sandro Alberti polishes his English-teaching skills at the ProULEx, the University of Guadalajara's language center. Web site designed by fen-om. now!

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For a Wedding

Sandro once designed and produced a wedding dress. Part of his fashion-design portfolio...

printable version [*.bmp; 393 Kb]

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Pre-Conference1: Housing

Developed by fen-om for the University of Guadalajara's Center for Art, Architecture, and Design, this first pre-conference is a site focusing on a specific topic in architectural design (in this case, housing). What are the latest trends in housing? How does one go about designing housing? How has housing developed over time? The answers to all this, and more, at Pre-Conference1 (in Spanish). yes!

Cyberspace Declaration of Independence: Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather. We have no elected government, nor are we likely to have one, so I address you with no greater authority than that with which liberty itself always speaks. I declare the global social space we are building to be naturally independent of the tyrannies you seek to impose on us.
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